The Axe & Anvil forge is owned and operated by Tennessee native and craftsman, Jordan Goodwin. Fueled by a desire to rediscover tools and techniques from past eras, to learn their relevance and usefulness to folks nowadays, and impart these skills to others, Jordan founded the forge as part of a vision to tool up for a dream- a dream of hard work to positively impact the lives of his family and others.

With a coal-fired forge, antique and handmade tools, all in a small backwoods shop, Jordan works with iron, steel, and wood to craft quality hardware and accouterments for the outdoorsman, reenactor, shooter, farmer, craftsman, or any others who desire the rugged beauty and durability of hand-forged iron.

Jordan lives with his wife, Atlanta, and their three children in a log home built with his own hands in the rolling hills of Tennessee. Together they run a homestead lifestyle blog, Home at Winshaw.